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Let Gooee Enhance Your Company Today! September 27, 2016

An LED or, “Light Emitting Diode “light is a semiconductor device that can convert electricity into light. It’s the latest technological development in energy efficient lighting.

Using approximately 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent bulbs, Gooee’s LED lights have a much longer lifespan than the other lighting options out there, so you’ll end up spending less on your monthly power bill. For example, an incandescent bulb lasts around 1000 hours and a halogen bulb lasts around 1000-5000 hours but an LED light will last approximately 25,000-50,000 hours.

Gooee is known for the world’s very first “full-track” operating platform that can connect lighting manufacturers to the IoT. Comprised of a brilliant team of experienced lighting and software specialists, Gooee’s goal is to bring exceptional enterprise IoT solutions to the lighting world.

Built for commercial, retail, hospitality and industrial applications, Gooee’s IoT platform provides sensing, control and communication components that integrate with an enterprise scale cloud platform to provide a service-driven, scalable framework for lighting manufacturers. They also deliver IoT solutions that will reconstruct your company’s performance, in order to achieve energy savings of up to 90% and cut down your costs to save you money.

Gooee doesn’t compromise on solutions, but instead they invent them. With a growing IP portfolio of over 20 patents for sensing, networking, lighting control and data analytics, the people of Gooee are constantly working hard to create the best solutions, so that Lighting and sensing environments are the best they can possibly be.

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How To Remove Negative Reviews And Build Positive Reputation September 26, 2016

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get in touch with someone and they would immediately suppress or push down negative content about your company so that it is not shown in top position in search results? That is exactly what you get when you have a good online reputation management system in place. A reliable system will enable you to monitor conversations and reviews, and then remove them promptly.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are often taken off-guard by reputation issues. Whether you are a company manager, business owner or someone that provides services to clients, you absolutely need to know how you are perceived online. If people are saying negative things about you or your brand on the Internet, you need to take appropriate steps to address the matter promptly.

It’s absolutely true – one wrong step can have a damaging effect on your personal and professional profile. It is very important to make sure that only positive content about you shows up when people look up your name or your business online. People only want to do business with firms or entrepreneurs that have a positive online image.

All it takes is one angry customer to tarnish the online reputation of an otherwise successful business. When Internet websites dedicated to providing rating and listing of companies and professionals began to become popular, it was a mixed blessing. Even though review websites offered an opportunity for organizations and businesses to acquire positive reviews, it was also easier, and even more devastating, for negative feedback to propagate.

Reliable reputation management companies provide high quality services to meet the needs of organizations and businesses that are facing reputation problems. Most renowned online reputation management firms render services to corporations, small businesses, large companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, medium-sized business and individual clients.

If you want to repair your reputation or prevent negative reviews from from showing up in search results pages, you can contact a renowned reputation management firm, and have their experts provide the assistance you need. Be sure to do your research before choosing a company for reputation management.


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Dick and Betsy Devos on School Choice September 23, 2016

Mrs. Dick DeVos has spent the last decade advocating that parents should have the right to decide where their children go to school regardless of their zip code. She and Dick have helped organize political action committees to lobby for school choice, they have opened their own charter school at the Grand Rapids, Michigan, airport and they have dug into their own pockets to provide assistance when parents could not afford private school tuition. Over the last three decades support for parents choosing where their children should go to school has grown bi-partisan support so that it now includes over one million children.

Much of their work has been on the political level. Dick DeVos ran for governor in Michigan and served on the state’s board of education. She says she is most proud, however, of the work that they have done with Potter’s House Christian School where they first became involved when their own children were still in school. They could never seem to forget how unfair it seemed to them that they could choose where their children went to school, but poorer parents did not have the same choice. As the years passed, they continue to visit this program.

Dick and Betsy have proudly watched this program blossom from 12 students to 254 students who are receiving a Christ-centered education. While the original school was in a dilapidated basement of a church, the school now proudly has two campuses. The real success of the school, however, is in the students that they have helped get into college despite coming from the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

Dick works alongside his wife helping many other charities, according to an interview with Betsy published in Philanthropy Roundtable. Some of these charities including the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA, and the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Their interest in the political side of school choice also continues through their involvement with the American Federation for Children (AFC) and the Alliance for School Choice.

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Thor Halvorssen Fights For The Rights Of Individuals September 22, 2016

There is much to admire about the way Thor Halvorssen handles himself in the world of human rights activism, particularly when the personal nature of the link between the Venezuelan born human rights activist and this difficult issue are examined. Despite his relatively young age Thor Halvorssen has seen various members of his family affected by the issue, including Halvorssen’s parents who have been tortured and shot for their opposition to government policy or agencies.

Thor Halvorssen has played an important part in the development of a number of well respected human rights focused charities after coming to the attention of activists and the media with his position on anti slavery laws in China. Halvorssen has risen to an even more important level in the activism world with the development of the New York based Human Rights Foundation, which was incorporated in 2005; knowing the credibility of the group lay with the quality of those who worked with the HRF Halvorssen has looked to work with former political prisoners and politicians who have fought for human rights.

One of the areas of human rights activism Thor Halvorssen has been a major supporter of in recent years is the opposition movement against Russian President Vladimir Putin. One of the first and most prominent supporters of the political group “Pussy Riot”, Halvorssen continued with his anti Putin work by appointing prominent Russian activist Gary Kasparov as the President of the Human Rights Foundation.

In terms of the work he completes with the Human Rights Foundation and other groups, Thor Halvorssen has been seeking to bring the attention of the world to lesser known problems in the world; Halvorssen works with the Children’s Peace Movement to help link school age children in Europe with their peers in war torn areas of the world. Halvorssen has stated his belief that focusing on issues in democratic countries like the U.S. and member states of the European Union is not the aim of his group and believes his group has important work to do in more difficult to access closed societies.

Check out this Reddit thread to learn a little more about Thor.

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Keith Mann Is The Man Of The Hour

If someone takes the time to research information on Keith Mann, they are sure to find a lot of positive stories surrounding him and all that he has done. That is always a good thing in a world that is oftentimes filled with a lot of negativity and a lot of bad stories. With him, it is all good, all the time. Of course, he has known as a New York-based entrepreneur and director of Dynamics Search Partners. He is proud of the fact that he is put in charge of being the director. It means he is doing things the correct way and people trust him.

As far as an entrepreneur, this is of equal importance to him. It is always refreshing to see people that have something they are excited about and they go out and get it done. A lot of people like to talk about what they are going to do and this big and bold idea they have, but very few have the follow through of Keith Mann. When he says he is going to do something, guess what? He is going to actually go out and do it. That is to be commended as he has that go-getter spirit that helps him get ahead in business and in life.

He is also a philanthropist and someone that has never been shy about giving back to people and helping them out. Recently, he made headlines by helping out the NYPD and treating them to lunch over at the 54th Street precinct. I don’t need to tell you the obvious, but I will, anyways. Cops are not getting the respect and appreciation they deserve for all of their hard work and people have been unfairly hard on them. Keith Mann saw this a a chance to give them something positive and let them know that he is in their corner.

That is the kind of person he is when it is all said and done. If he sees chance to help someone or simply put a smile on their face by giving back, he will not hesitate to do so.

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The acquisition of two business units by IAP Worldwide Services September 18, 2016

IAP Worldwide Services has recently made an acquisition that aims at enhancing their capabilities for service delivery. IAP has acquired DRS Technologies. DRS Technologies is an aviation and logistics company situated in Oklahoma City. IAP has also acquired Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS). TCNS is situated in Aberdeen Proving Ground, and it offers aircraft repair services, engineering, communication support solutions, information technology, and logistics support services. IAP Worldwide aims at assimilating the unique talent and capabilities from the two companies as part of their growth strategy in the long-term.

The acquisition aims at doubling the size of IAP’s market and ensures that the company delivers quality services to all its clients worldwide on IAP will integrate the businesses into one new unit known as the Aviation & engineering solutions. The CEO of IAP services said that the addition of aviation, networking and communication technologies from DRS would be fit naturally to the company and play a major role in expanding the company’s portfolio.

Doug Kitani is the chief executive officer of IAP Worldwide. Doug explained that the company has a strategy that was established early this year. The strategy is based on organic growth by focusing on customer discipline, innovation, and lean operations. Doug says that IAP will also focus on inorganic growth. IAP plans on assimilating and acquiring companies to complement their core business. After the integration, IAP can now offer more services and solutions to its clients professionally.

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About IAP
IAP is a leading international services firm that provides an array of services and solutions to the United States. IAP Worldwide Services has been in the industry for over 60 years. IAP offers solutions to organizations, United States, and international government agencies. It is one of the best firms in the world in offering reliable solutions that satisfy the diverse and needs of clients. IAP provides safe and innovative solutions as well as seasoned program management. IAP specializes in in three lines of businesses including procurement support, facility management and technical services, and contingency.

The corporate headquarters of IAP are in Cape Canaveral, FL. The firm operates in over 100 locations and about 20 nations on The company maintains its offices in Washington, D.C. area, the Middle East, United Kingdom, and Panama City, FL. You can visit their website for more information on their services. IAP also offers rapid response for military deployment. It also offers disaster relief like air traffic control, disaster cleanup, and power generation.

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Gooee – Connecting Lighting to the Internet of Things September 13, 2016

Gooee began their project in 2014 to develop a way to connect residence, commercial and industry to a lighting system that would connect to the IoT (Internet of Things). The company would be able to take LED (Light Emitting Diode), add a sensing, control and communication components to allow the information to flow to the cloud.
Gooee’s “Ecosystem”, would be a sensory lighting and global capability product that would certainly make life easier for residential, commercial and industrial applications. This innovation from Gooee allows specialized applications that they create, to track everything from people to products.
Gooee continues to work toward greater goals! According to New Electronics, a website for electronic design engineers, “Smallest LED lighting sensor includes world’s first IoT Artificial Eye technology” which was created by Gooee through an exclusive agreement with DELTA Microelectronics. What this means for Gooee, is that they have become the only provider of this Opto-ASIC technology to lighting manufacturers.

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Investing with Keith Mann September 12, 2016

Dynamics Search Partners was co-founded by Keith Mann in 2009 after he saw how quickly the hedge fund industry was growing and that the search community was under served. He currently serves the company as Managing Director and is based out of New York. They source only the most talented individuals to help build the foundation of their company and are one of the largest staffers within the industry.

Dynamic Investments

Dynamic Search Partners specialize in alternative investments, hedge funds, and search services for major equity firms. They have one of the top databases for executives in the nation. Their staffing goal is to help pair clients with talented people to form a union that will evolve and continue to progress over time.

Experience Equals Success

Keith Mann began his foray into the world of administrative business with Dynamics Executive Search. This experience in the field prompted him to establish Dynamic Search Partners where he is an active member of the team. Mr. Mann has made the firm an international sensation through hard work and dedication.

A Philanthropist at Heart

Keith Mann is known around the world as a businessman but he is also a generous philanthropist. Dynamics Search Partners has joined with Uncommon School in New York in a relationship that encourages students to reach for the top. The goal is to help students develop practical and tactical skills that help them get into college. They also announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement for one graduating senior. Keith Mann has reached out to the 54th Street police precinct in New York with several thank you lunches. He knows how hard they work and wanted to show support for all they do. He has also given financially to Hope and Heroes. His charitable contributions continue to benefit the community and are a good example to others who are looking to reach out. His generosity and business savvy have propelled him to the top of his field. The horizon is bright for Dynamic Search Partners and for Keith Mann as he continues to succeed in his personal life and business.

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Overview: Cleansing Conditioner on Fine Hair August 31, 2016

Many of us have already heard of the hair care product Wen By Chaz. We’ve seen the YouTube infomercials that show women with all hair types receiving treatments on their hair with the product. The women come out of the treatment with hair that is softer, fuller, healthier, and better maintained than it was before.
Chaz Dean created Wen for a purpose; to help women regain confidence about their hair. The product was designed with the idea to use no harmful chemicals in the treatment of the hair. It is catered to treat all hair types whether curly, fine, thin, course, or overly processed and damaged. So, does it work?

An article on Bustle shines some light on the question. In the article, Emily McClure describes her own experience when she put Wen to the test on her thin hair. She states that for someone with fine hair to use Wen, they must not be lazy with their routine. When Emily washed her hair with Wen, she noticed that her hair would be oily if she used the product the night before, or went too long without cleaning her hair again. However, this is because Wen contains natural oils instead of harmful chemicals. She stated that when she made sure to thoroughly rinse the product her hair became less oily over time.

At the end of her week-long experiment, Emily discusses how Wen upheld its promise to bring shine, moisture, and volume to her hair. Happy with her results, she recommends the product to others with thin hair who don’t mind taking the extra time to commit to a proper routine. Need Wen? Order on today.

You can read her full story by following the link below.


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IAP WORLDWIDE, which stands for Ingenuity and Purpose Worldwide, is a serious company which means business and excellence in all that it does. For these are its very standards and expectations. They desire to be and to do no less than the best of the best in terms of the company’s every capability and function….always striving to be at the top, for you.

IAP WORLDWIDE’s unique values are no less than those of focus, agility, capabilities, commitment, and overall good values. According to such values, they promise to practice intellectual curiosity and rigor, act with integrity and humility, and provide inspirational leadership and follower ship….which in turn is enabled by a unique and genuine sense of empathy. IAP also promises to act nicely, responsibly and swiftly, to act with resolve (adapting to and embracing change), to allow themselves and others to be happy and successful, to pursue growth & learning, as well as to partner with colleagues, customers, and community for the mutual and beneficial success of all parties involved on As you can see, they have a very serious and honest set of values and goals….which are truly key to the success of any organization large and small, and especially to one as large as theirs. They have many global clients, customers, and partners, with which they seek to maintain such a fine quality of standards…and to speak well of the larger organization as a corporate whole.

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IAP employs a variety of career fields which include truck drivers, stock clerks, laborers, general clerks, material handlers, warehouse specialists, and team leads. They also employ in the fields of accounting and finance, legal services, internships, human resources, and overall excellent customer services! A great number of their open positions is available in Houston, TX.

They also operate in Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, Romania, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, London, Kabul, and several other locations! What is more? This particular company operates itself under a one of a kind code of honor and ethics.

According to the company website, “An employee will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do. The IAP Honor Code (“Honor Code”) establishes a baseline standard of conduct. Moreover, when
the Honor Code is interpreted using the following three questions, it enables an individual to assess…” As we can see, IAP WORLDWIDE appears to be a solid company to work for and do business with.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide: