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How White Shark Media Built a Better Business Using Client Complaints August 16, 2016

With any business you’re bound to get at least a few complaints from customers. Complaints are just part of the nature of running a business. How you deal with those complaint; however, will help define how your business operates, and whether you’re able to retain those customers going forward.

White Shark Media has dealt win a ton os small complaints over the years, typically trivial issues that can be solved fairly quickly thanks to the company’s outstanding well-trained staff.

The company’s way of dealing with those complaints has always been professional and courteous, even for some of the smallest issue, and through solving those problems the company has come up with ways to prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

Here are a few of the issues White Shark has had to deal with:

A customer not understanding the status of their Adwords campaigns: When White Shark Media heard this issue, it realized that its reporting procedures for AdWords weren’t quite as good as they could be. Now, the company sits down with each client and ensures that they understand everything there is to know about a campaign before it’s implemented.

Now that customers always have a clear understanding of the goals of a particular campaign, they have a greater understanding of what to expect from it as it progresses, and have better evaluate progress and success.

A customer needing more communication: Early on, White Shark Media Complaints team had a communication system in place where clients could reach out to their SEM Strategist whenever they wanted to talk.

While that open door policy sounded great on paper, when implemented it meant that clients would often need to speak to a receptionist before they were able to connect directly with an SEM Strategist, and in some cases that strategist was busy assisting another customer,so the client had to call back later.

To combat the issue, White Shark created a phone system with direct extension, eliminating the receptionist middleman. It also started scheduling monthly calls with clients to ensure they were always up to date.

A customer wants SEO services: White Shark Media found that a number of clients wanted them to offer SEO services, something that is complementary to the offerings of White Shark, but not something that the company currently provides.

While the actual service hasn’t be added to the roster of services just yet, now White Shark will help a company select a good SEO service, and work along with that SEO vendor to ensure the client is getting what they need.

Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

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WEN by Chaz Dean: Less Upkeep, Megawatt Shine August 8, 2016

WEN cleansing conditioner is a great alternative to traditional shampoo and conditioner. Regular shampoo strips the hair of it’s natural oils causing an imbalance in the texture of the hair and making it drier and prone to producing more oil at once than it should. Traditional oil simply adds oils back into the hair that the shampoo has stripped. Fortunately, there is a better way, and WEN by Chaz Dean has mastered it. See,
Wen cleansing conditioner gently cleanses the hair instead of stripping it. The cleansing ingredients work differently to soften, detangle, and add shine into the hair. Emily McClure, the writer who reviewed WEN for found that the product worked nicely on her fine hair. The ultra moisturizing version of WEN Emily used would be an excellent product for frizzy or thick hair. This product turned Emily’s hair into a tresses with a mirror shine, reflecting the camera flash. Anyone with frizzy tresses would find that the product softens their hair and puts a damper on the frizz.

The YouTube commercials for WEN by Chaz Dean show something similar in effect to what Emily’s post showed in photographs. In the WEN commercials the model’s hair seems detangled, flowing, full at the roots and incredibly shiny. What Emily’s photograph shows is the progression of using WEN daily through the week. Her hair is instantly shinier, seems bouncier, more hydrated and full at the roots without a volume treatment and blow dry.

As far as we can tell, the difference WEN makes in the hair is drastic in terms of look and condition. The cleansing conditioner system also saves time on the washing and styling routine thereby reducing the cost and time of hair product maintenance. Wen products can be purchased online on Amazon.

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George Soros Is Making Headlines For His Bold 2016 Stock Trades July 29, 2016

George Soros, the investor that other investors want to be, is a news creator. At eighty-five, Soros is as sharp as he was at twenty-five. George Soros has accumulated enough money to live at least three more lives if he could, so trading stocks is not his priority these days. But Soros came back to his office recently after a nine-year hiatus to get back into the investment game. The media keeps a close eye on Soros, so the fact that he was back buying and selling stocks was a newsworthy story. And Soros didn’t disappoint the media. Soros decided to sell 35 percent of the stock in the Soros Management Fund. Some of those stocks were very profitable for his family fund. The three healthcare stocks he sold, Teva Pharmaceutical, Astra-Zeneca, and one other healthcare company, were a surprise.

According to an article published by, Soros decided to make a huge investment in the gold market. George bought a $400 million stake in Barrick Gold at the beginning of 2016, and that stock has jumped 55 percent since Soros bought it. He also bought a $125 million stake in the SPDR Gold Trust. Both of those investments signaled what Soros has been talking about for the last four years. The global economy is on life support, and that support is in the process of being turned off by several major events The first and most serious event is the China financial situation. The next event is the unraveling of the European Union. The decision to leave the EU by the United Kingdom is also playing a role in the global recession, according to Mr. George Soros. When the wars in the Middle East, the migration crisis, and the terrorist factor are added to those events, the economic downturn gains momentum. Soros acted when all those things became a reality in 2016.

Read more:
George Soros – CNBC

A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

The U.S. stock market’s value doesn’t reflect the true condition of the global economy. China is not releasing true figures, and the European Union is trying to hide the fact that the migration crisis could bleed their capital reserves dry. The EU promise to pay Turkey $6 billion if they would stop refugees from crossing into Greece. Now Africa is asking for money, and the migrant situation continues to deteriorate. Soros is well aware of the facts and figures that are considered privileged information because he has connections through his Open Society Foundation.

George Soros has been sharing that privileged information for the last four years, but very few people have been paying attention. But this recent change in his investment strategy is making people realize that cash and gold may be the only safe investment going into 2017.

Learn more George Soros:

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New York City Is On The Rise July 28, 2016

Several projects have been proposed in New York City. According to an article posted on The Real Deal, it would appear that NYC is growing again, and mostly in the business and commercial sector. Of the 10 most recent permits filed, three of them are showing as residential, and one of those being a hotel. Therefore, commercial business space is booming in Queens and Brooklyn mainly, with other growth happening in many of the other boroughs. New York is a constantly changing city, and this article is one more example of that. With so many large commercial and mixed use buildings being prepared, it will be interesting to see how it all pans out, if all of these jobs are truly completed.

TOWN real estate is one NYC real estate company in the midst of the boom in New York. They are a company offering a wide range of services, both residential and commercial. They have grown to be one of the highest ranked companies to work for in New York. Clearly they have invested time and energy to build relationship with those in their employ. They currently have four locations in New York, and have a face in the press, through several avenues.

TOWN Residential has shown up on Million Dollar Listing on television, they have helped Chelsea Clinton sell her place in New York, and they have helped Keith Olbermann with his real estate needs. If you were to google TOWN Residential, they really are all over the place, and in the most beneficial ways. As a company, they have ranked very high, they have some of the best ranked real estate agents in the game. Their website also offers many tools to help people in their moving decisions, their commercial real estate needs.

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The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 is reputable for being the greatest reform in the history of the United States financial regulation since the Great Depression. One of the reforms made includes a new whistleblower program that offers employment protection and financial incentives that allow people to report Federal Security Law violations to the Securities Exchange Commission.

Labaton Sucharow Firm is a leader in securities litigation. Under the leadership of Jordan A. Thomas, they did not hesitate to come up with a practice that aimed at protecting SEC whistleblowers platform. Labaton is armed with a team of highly competent financial analysts, investigators and forensic accountants who are very keen to provide unmatched representation for whistleblowers. Jordan is a former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the SEC’s enforcement division. When at the SEC, Jordan led the development of the whistleblower program a process which included drafting of the proposed laws and finally applying the rules.

When the SEC undertakes an enforcement action that exceeds $ 1 million, they are required by the whistleblower program to pay the whistleblowers a 10-30% commission of the total monetary sanctions collected. The whistleblowers are also eligible for a reward after the $ 1 million threshold is met. The Dodd Frank Act prohibits employers from retaliation against whistleblowers who report to the SEC and violators are prone to prosecution. With the representation of an attorney, whistleblowers can submit their reports on possible securities violations to the SEC anonymously.

You can still learn more about the whistleblower program at this website. Our representation team can be reached via email, telephone, or electronic submission on the same website. First time consultations are absolutely free and the highest form of attorney-client privilege is provided. I strongly recommend that during submission of the report do not provide any information that can identify you or the security violator personally.

About Labaton Sucharow Firm
They are a Securities Litigation firm that is committed to recovering losses and demanding corporate reform for their clients and also recover billions on behalf of defrauded investors. The firm manages more than $ 2 trillion worth of assets with clients from all over the world. The firm also offers litigation in corporate governance and shareholder rights, antitrust, and consumer protection law. Labaton have been serving their clients diligently for over 50 years now.

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How complaints Benefit White Shark Media

In business, one thing that is dreaded is complaints. People do not like complaints. Often times, it is taken as an attack against them. However, even some of the most vicious attacks can have some valuable lessons in it. It is important for the individual to find that lesson so that he could actually use it for his benefit. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

One important thing about complaints is that the exact complaint does not happen again. This is where White Shark Media shines. They have used complaints in order to rise to the next level. With complaints, they have improved their services significantly.

Among the complaints that White Shark Media Complaints team received had to do with their communication. This is in fact a major deal. If businesses do not communicate with their customers, then they will be limited in their ability to provide adequate services to their customers.

According to TheValanx, White Shark Media has taken a few steps to improve their communication with their customers. One step was to follow up with their customers on a monthly basis in order to see how things are going. Another thing that they have done was to add direct extensions to their phone numbers so that their clients can reach them.

White Shark Media is an example of a company that has shown a thick skin and a positive attitude. They have taken the words of unsatisfied customers to heart and have adapted their services so that customers could be satisfied.

Among other things they did in order to improve customer satisfaction was that they adjusted their campaigns in order to improve the strong aspects of their customer’s campaigns. Read more: Accredited Professional company profile: White Shark Media

One thing that is concerning to a customer is when they get a campaign that is performing worse than the other campaign. White Shark Media has also made some other profitable adjustments in order to improve the services for their customers.

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Improving Market Education: Jim Hunt & VTA Publications July 27, 2016

The stock market and financial saving can be a daunting process for most people. Understanding how the market works, which stocks or portfolios to invest in, and how to properly plan for retirement is usually something the average individual is uncomfortable handling on their own. Thus they turn to a financial adviser. However, Jim Hunt has developed a new system to help put control back in the hands of the individual investor.

Jim has developed a suite on online learning courses to provide customers with digital and physical materials to learn the financial market system. Using his knowledge, and that of numerous experts in the industry, the idea is to use simple explanations and instructional modules to quickly give users the tools they need.

The application uses real world data and the experience of those experts, including Jim Hunt and his company VTA Publications, to teach customers how to input real variables into pre-set formulas to guide their decision making process. The idea is to not only give users the tools they need to make decisions about their investments and financial future, but to understand the process and why those decisions make sense for them.

VTA offers several products for customers to chose from:
1) A class on how to buy, trade, and sell stocks on the market using pre-made charts.
2) Tips on how to buy preferred stocks at different rates that the regular market. VTA provides secret trading practices and knowledge from years of experience.
3) Retirement planning – the do’s and don’ts of investments, based on your retirement timeline and plans for the start of your retirement.
4) In 2015 VTA held an in person seminar, which was recording and is available for customers to view.

For more information visit VTA’s website (, including full service offerings, contact information and company updates.

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Bob Reina: The Success Behind Talk Fusion July 21, 2016


Bob Reina is the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is the home of the World’s First All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. Bob developed self-discipline at an early stage in life. While in the University of Florida, Bob juggled several jobs while attending classes and eventually graduated in first position in his police academy class. From there, he served as a Tamba Bay Police officer.
The idea of network marketing came to his attention in 1990 while still serving as a police officer. He then pursued it on a part-time basis as an associate. His passion for network marketing, however, led him to resign and pursue it on a full-time basis. Then, his family and friends called him crazy but this did not deter him from pursuing his vision. In a recent survey, his team of experts at Talk Fusion alluded that Bob’s vision was the main reason why they joined him. His dedication and insights is what drives him and his team to reach the greater heights. He is also a lover of animals and is known to take family pets to the office on a daily basis.
The idea of Talk Fusion came about in 2004 when Bob wanted to send a short video over email to his mother. AOL, however, said it could not be possible to send the video. Bob believed it could be possible, and with the help of one of his IT-savvy friends, they managed to put the videos into email and that when he knew he could do much more with it. He had an idea of placing video into emails then market it through direct selling model. It had never been done but he believed in its potential. That was the birth of Talk Fusion and its flagship product, Video Email.
Talk Fusion is now a rapidly growing company with presence in more than 140 countries. Currently, Talk Fusion is the 7th largest video communication company in the world. It is also one of the top 50 companies in Direct Selling Association based on sales revenue and growth. It has been featured widely in the media. Bob, together with his employees and associates are working together to make Talk Fusion the next Billion Dollar Brand.
Bob Reina is also a philanthropist; he is generously giving back to the community. He has made this part of Talk Fusions’ corporate culture. Bob has given millions of dollars and several hours to various local and international charity causes. He has also pledged more than $1 million for health and welfare of companion animals within Tampa Bay area.

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Shaygan Khedapir; New Coriant CEO


The chairperson of the board of directors at Coriant is none other than Shaygan Khedapir, who is the chief executive officer of the company as well. Coriant for the past years it has been in operation it has gained reputation, and it is now the leading network operators in more than one hundred nations in the world. This includes nine out of the ten tiers in the world of communications as well as service providers.

Shaygan has also recognized worldwide for his particular skills and talent in leadership. This is due to his performance that is outstanding in every company he is given a chance to lead. He performs in a way that no other person can do, and this gives credit to his portfolio and news headlines as in 2014. Shaygan is also a recognized technology and business leader with more than twenty-eight years of professional experience in these industries. His experience also spans across technology, telecommunication as well as financial sectors.

Shaygan began his career at a corporation by the name GTE. He was the appointed to head as an EVP at Verizon and also as the Chief Officer for information as well as a member of the executive leadership team that was meant to drive the team into efficiency, modernization as well as innovations. He also led the group into pioneering the FiOS., which is one of the biggest and largest infrastructural programs that the United States has ever seen that cost more than twenty billion dollars in capital investment.

Shaygan was next invited to join Barclays Bank and took a role in the creation of the innovations in the bank. He was also appointed to sit as a member of the executive committee members of the bank management. He led the company into a massive transformation that the firm will record in the books of history. The bank developed mobile banking as a way to transform in into the future 21st-century technology. This innovation saw the company have more than fifty countries in the circle as well as over one hinder and fifty thousand employees.

From that role, he was appointed as the Jupiter Networks CEO. He used that chance to develop a plan that was to integrate the high IQ networking as well as Cloud Builder. Before joining Coriant, Shaygan worked with the Marlin Equity Partners and focused on technology investments as well as strategic telecom.

For more information about Shaygan Kheradpir, visit

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Reputation Management 101: How to Bury Negative Online Mentions July 7, 2016

Bad search results can hurt your image or the reputation of your business. Even a single negative comment may bring down a thriving enterprise. Considering the online space is highly competitive, your business is likely to lose a lot in a short while if the bad image created in search results is not erased. Most people when they spot negative information, either through comments or published stories, wish they could contact the search engine companies to have the information deleted, but that is not as simple as it sounds. Therefore, it is vital to find a way to bury the negative information down until it loses relevance or disappears in the eyes of customers.

Removing bad reputation links
If there is negative published information about you online chances are you don’t own the links or cannot directly remove the links. There are few instances where negative content posted online is made on links you can control like the comments section of your blog. However, when the information is published on a link you cannot control, you need to have the content removed through an amicable procedure to avoid stirring up more trouble. The best way is to contact the owner of the website to request for the deletion of the content.

Note that there is no guarantee that you will be granted this request because some website owners may ignore your request completely. But it’s worth trying because this is the most effective solution for removing negative content online.

Google can also come in handy if the content posted is offensive or inspired by malice. This is a complicated procedure, but once approved, the links are removed from Google. The information should also fall under Google’s removal policies. However, this does not mean the information is removed from the internet completely because it can be viewed on other browsers.

About Bury Bad Articles
The online reputation management industry has grown over the years and different companies have come up with unique ways to help their clients manage online reputation effectively. Bury Bad Articles is among upcoming companies that specializes in removing bad content posted online about a company or individual. They have a team that takes care of all the necessary procedures simultaneously so as to avail an immediate solution. The company helps companies and businesses to erase bad content posted online, either through comments, blog posts or social media posts.

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